Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Host Familia!

Yesterday I received an email from AFS Argentina saying that they had found me a host family!

I am over the moon with excitement! I will be living in Formosa, Argentina... Which is in the far north of Argentina. It borders Paraguay. From what I've read... Formosa sounds amazing! It sounds like a very art influenced city, with art galleries, and museums... Also clubs :)

I seriously am in shock that I HAVE A HOST FAMILY...
My host family is a mom, Silvia, a dad, Luis, and a host sister Angeles... Angeles is 11 months younger than me, so I'm very excited because we'll be fairly close in age!

I also have their email now... But I think I'm going to wait a week or two to email them because I want to have my Spanish teacher, Mrs. Shively, help me with the grammar. I know my Spanish isn't going to be very good when I first get there. I also know I'm going to make a million mistakes and I need to learn how to not be embarrassed by my mistakes!
(Above is Formosa in the green)

Wish me luck with the first emails...