Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Parties and School in Argentina: there is a balance

So last friday I had my first day of school! I already love my class. I was afraid I wouldn't like the school because its all girls and a catholic school, and my school at home is public. But I actually love it. I have more fun, and plus school is only 5 hours. I go to school around 7:30 and end at 12:30. We have three classes a day each for an hour and 20mins each. In between each class we are able to go get something to drink or just hangout and walk around the school. I really have to take pictures of my school! I haven't yet! Its beautiful. The inside has a giant courtyard where you walk to your classroom.
Things that are different from the US:

  • They only have the class twice a week. Different classes everyday
  • The teachers are very specific on how they want you write things on the paper (date, name, etc.)
  • You ALWAYS use pen, there is a white out pen that I use like its my job
  • You stay with the same people all day, the teachers come to you, you don't go to the teachers.
  • I have a uniform ( a lot of schools in Argentina have them, but not all)
  • The teachers speak very fast and expect you to write down what they are saying...
So in Argentina I am a senior, but they call is 6to año (seis-to). Its pretty awesome actually because at my school there are two different tracts you can take for classes, ciencias sociales (social sciences) or ciencias naturales (natural science). I am in ciencias sociales. In the 6to año we don't have math, history, or science. So I'm basically in love! I take the following classes :
  • lunes: inglés, sociología, lengua y lit.  (English, sociology, language and literature)
  • martes: políticas, lengua y lit., tecno gestión (politics, language and literature, I don't know what this one is yet... haven't had the class yet)
  • miércoles: inglés, arte y cultura (English, art and culture)
  • jueves: cultura y com., cultura y religiosa, sociología, políticas, tecnología de gestión (culture 
  • viernes: cultura y com., problemáticas social, cultura y reliogiosa, problemáticas social
So yeah its a little different from the US where we have the same classes everyday and go to different rooms. 
(yo y Belen)

(mi clase es adorable :)

Sociology notes... IN SPANISH

my best friend... whiteout pen haha

Best part about today... it was suppose to my third day of school but my teachers are on strike... SO I DONT HAVE SCHOOL TODAY <3 yes Argentina you are amazing. 

Okay so you all know the song... I like it by Enrique. The one line he says all the time "Party, fiesta forever" Well Argentina definitely has taken that advice. Every weekend there is a party! My first night here I went to one! And last saturday I went to a party again :) It was the 16th birthday of two boys. The interesting thing about the party was that anyone came, you didn't have to know the birthday boys to come. The parents provided beer which was also interesting, because in the US... That isn't exactly legal. So the music was loud, everyone had drinks in their hands and everyone was talking and dancing. It was definitely fun... Side note for me though. I danced with this guy. And then the next day I found out he had just turned 15. Awkward moment for me... Yepp he looked older but guess not. Weird because next week I turn 17. Too young! Another crazy thing about this party... We didn't get to the party until 2am... and then left like 5 something.

Belen y yo

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Nicole y yo (wow I'm white...)