Friday, July 27, 2012

el 4 del julio, las vacaciones del invierno, como me siento...

The 4th of July, Winter Vacations, how I feel
Again... Long time no write. I'm pretty horrible at this whole writing a blog thing aren't I? Today its a nice day in Formosa. The sun is out, its a Friday (best day of the week!)! The past few days I have stayed home from school because I have a terrible cough! I'm not really that sick, but my host mom told me that I should stay home. Wasn't going to argue with that! Tonight I think I'm going to dinner with the other exchange students and maybe a movie. Unsure! No sé todavia! (I don't know yet)! Two weeks ago half of the exchange students returned to their countries because they came the year before in august, so they had completed their year abroad! I wasn't here to say goodbye because I ended up going to another province of Argentina called Tucuman. I went to the capital, called San Miguel de Tucuman with my host sister and host mom for about 11 days. It was a nice vacation. We visited my host mom's sister and her family. They have two houses. One in the city, and then one in the country (Yerba Buena). It was a nice change, and very beautiful! I have various photos of Tucuman that are hermosassssss! 

random kids on the mountain... but its adorable!


The fourth of July was kind of a sad day for me. Its one of my favorite holidays in the USA. Especially because in my development in the USA... We go crazy with fireworks and games all day long! Its one of my favorite traditions. So it was pretty sad knowing I was in winter here and missing that. But then I realized, its one day and I will have it next year!

I have been feeling pretty great about my life lately. Some days I am sad like any other exchange student but thats expected! Most of the time I love being here and feel so lucky to have this experience. I am half way done with this experience and I can't believe it. It makes me really sad and I kind of freak out when I realize I only have 6 months left because the time on exchange flies. Blogging is really hard! So if you guys could email me about what you would like to hear about... that would be great! email me at  
chau- cmb