Monday, June 18, 2012

escribir un blog es dificil... ¿no cierto? to write a blog is difficult... right?

Before I went on exchange... I made myself a promise. The promise that I would write in this blog every few weeks so I would have something to look back on that I made, and be able to see how I grew as person (because I haven't been writing a journal). I am very sorry that I haven't updated this in over a month! I know people in my family have been reading it and that I also have random people in this world who read it too! I am also sorry to everyone I may not have emailed recently! I always start writing the emails and then completely forget. I will soon though so I can go even more in depth with my close friends and family! So back to how writing a blog is difficult. Every future or past AFSer that has read many blogs before exchange, normally thinks "Wow, I'm totally going to write one on exchange and update it every week or two!"... Guess what? You won't! Unless you have dedication! I feel that the first few months its so easy to talk about my life in Argentina because everything was and still is new, but the thing is... My english is slowly declining (I'm sure you can see this in my posts), also my life here is actually a life now. I have friends, I go out, I go to school like a normal kid, I do homework, etc. Life has become normal. I can finally somewhat believe that I live here and that I understand Spanish.
So what have I been up to in the last month and a half...? I been living the life of una argentina :) Lets see... I went to a wedding about a month ago. And it was really interesting because it was somewhat different from weddings in the USA. The ceremony was at 10AM in the morning and after there was a lunch as the reception and dancing. It was a party for about 8 hours! There were some interesting differences. I will say I didn't really understand the pastor, but thats okay! I already go to an all girls religious school here and I understand things there! The wedding was in a different city and I actually went to the wedding sick. I had a little bit of a fever which wasn't that bad. I was able to function and everything. But then the next day... Total chaos.
So Sunday night... I had a temperature of 40C. Of course I didn't really know what that meant because in the USA we use F... I had a temperature of 104F and apparently tonsillitis. Of course though Sunday night I understood nothing of the word tonsillitis in Spanish. All I understood was when the doctor said he was going to give me two injections! AHH QUE HORROR! I seriously almost cried... It was not a pleasant experience. The week I was sick, all I wanted to do was go home and be with my mom in my own bed with my own american products like campbell's chicken noodle soup or something along those lines. It was a hard week. I cried twice. I hadn't cried before. It wasn't fun but its pasted and well it was an experience! I went to a hospital here! Let's just say its a little bit different from the Cleveland Clinic. In Ohio, I come from a city with some of the best hospitals in the world, definitely the best hospitals in the USA. So yeah Formosa... That was a little different. The hospital was about 20 years old but everything looked older. It felt dirty to me. I don't know how to explain it... But it didn't seem organized. There wasn't a single doctor who spoke English. It was a bit of a nightmare because when I am sick my thinking process isn't the same, therefore my Spanish didn't exist. I didn't understand much that night other then the part where they put two needles into my body! UNPLEASANT. But you know... It was an experience! Obviously I didn't want to be sick but I'm glad I was able to see something different. Everything is an experience... It can be good... It can be bad. But its always interesting. Especially in Formosa. Oh Formosa!
For some reason today I felt sad. There will be times on exchange where you will just feel sad for no reason... Or just miss something. The last week I have been having a hard time because my friends the USA just started summer. They all are going to the beach, Cedar Point, etc. Well I am here where it is cold, still going to school... I made this trade off though. Exchange is an amazing experience but a lot of the time you have to give up things to have this experience. I have a hard time sometimes but I realize that this experience is going to help me the rest of my life. We are almost to 4 months in Argentina. Hard to believe... I really can't sometimes... Its just crazy! Well I promise I will try to update more often!

just a picture from my host moms 50th birthday! mi familia <3