Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Casi Una Semana: Almost One Week (btw I am very sorry for the setup of this post... I don't know how to fix it!)

So today marks the first week gone from Ohio. I have been with my host family for 3 days now.
 I feel like I have so much to say here, I am going to leave a lot out... 
Its hard to remember all the interesting things I see and do. 
Last Wednesday I said goodbye to my parents and then I flew to Miami to have orientation with the other 
Americans going to Argentina and Chile. There are 17 of us in Argentina now, and 6 in Chile. 
The orientation in Miami was fun because I got to meet all the others going to Argentina
 but it was also boring because we are told the same things over and over again... Which really sucks.

The group going to Argentina! (Thursday afternoon right before we left for the airport)

(Tyler in Salta, Astraea in Jujuy, Allie in Santa Fe, Stevie in Tucuman, y Yo in Formosa)

So around 4pm we left for the airport, checked our luggage, went through security, got something to eat, 
and then we boarded the plane. We were all pretty stoked to get to Buenos Aires, but not for the nine 
hour flight. Even though most of us only slept an hour on the plane, it wasn't that bad because we all 
talked to each other and watched movies!

(waiting to board the plane haha)

(over Rosario which is very close to Buenos Aires)

(Almost to Buenos Aires <3)

Then we got to Buenos Aires, and the customs were long... Then we had to wait for 3 hours in the airport 
for other exchange students from other countries. We were all barely alive. All we wanted were showers 
and beds. Then there was an hour bus ride to the orientation site. I don't really know what the orientation 
place was but it was a place with a bunch of beds in rooms, a dining hall, etc. It was actually pretty cool 
though, very pretty! We all had a lot of fun at orientation but we were all anxious to get to our families 
and host towns already!
(Everyone from orientation: students and volunteers)

 Saturday night was the start of a 13:30 hour bus ride to Formosa. The beginning was bad for me... Because I 
threw up. That wasn't pleasant but when I woke the next morning in the bus, I felt a lot better! We rode on 
a bus called Flechabus. They have hundreds of them all over Argentina, they're really nice. They have seats 
that turn into beds, blankets,TVs, and they also have a guy who serves you food and anything else you might 
like, which was pretty cool :) 

(This is a Flechabus. Not the one I rode on... But it looked like this)

Then around 11ish... I FINALLY GOT TO FORMOSA! As we were pulling up to the bus station, my heart started 
racing a million miles an hour. I had no idea what I was going to say to my host familia, or the other AFS 
volunteers. Then when I got there we took a lot of pictures, because with me there are four other
 exchange students: Karl from Germany, ZooZoo from Thailand, Miya from Japan, and Carwen from Malaysia! 
(Mi Familia en Formosa)

(yo, Carwen, ZooZoo, Miya, y Karl)

Okay so now to tell you about the last few days in Formosa...
I am already in love with this small city! Its so busy and crazy... So some interesting things about Argentina
1. No one ever wears seat belts, its weird too...
2. They eat bread with every meal
3. My family has a maid that comes 5 days a week and cleans the house every day and makes lunch. 
She does my laundry which I really love because at home I do my own.
4. Dulce de Leche is amazing... If you ever get the chance to eat it. EAT IT. DO IT!
5. the other day I saw four FOUR people on a moto... motos are motorcycles! Also I see children on them too. 
Which is pretty upsetting
6. La coastanera in Formosa is AMAZING. its like this place where people go to bike and rollerblade and stuff. 
It runs along the Rio Paraguay. Its soooo beautiful! I will have to take pictures soon! I haven't really taken 
pictures of Formosa yet... And I really need to!
(first dulce de leche in Argentina at orientation)

Okay so now I will talk about the meals...
So Desayuno (breakfast) is very different from the US and not really that filling. Its tea or coffee with bread 
and these weird cracker things. They put jam on the bread and crackers. So yeah you have to make sure to eat 
a few pieces so you don't starve.
Then Almuerzo (or lunch)... One of the best meals of the day! The food is amazing here! They aren't kidding
 when they say Argentinos eat a lot of meat, they do! AND ASADO IS AMAZINGGG! Seriously a million times 
better than the meat in the US. Then Cena... So they eat that super late and its generally the left overs from 
lunch. Ohhh and after lunch and dinner they always have fruit for dessert, which is pretty good :) Also they have
 bread with it!

The first night I was here, I went to a party... And let me tell you, it was very different from the US. 
We didn't even arrive to the party until 1am, and then we left around 5am! They all have beers in their hand, 
the music is blasted, people dancing and singing everywhere! They are very fun! Chau besos!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So.. Im sitting in my room now. Waiting. In four hours I wake up and leave Ohio for a year. I will be flying to Miami to meet with the other AFSers! I am so stoked! i don't really know what to write in this blogpost though! Other then... I am feeling so many different things! Its crazy! ARGENTINA HERE I COME 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Washington DC... Then Buenos Aires!

So last night I got back from spending a week in Washington DC at the National Youth Leadership Forum on National Security. I met a lot of new people from around the country, saw some new things, and learned new things. Those 6 days were amazing. I made friends that I will definitely keep in touch with! You know who you are :) love you guys!

That little week, small experience was amazing. It makes me realize how amazing Formosa will be, and how soon I'm going to go to another place where I know no one and will hopefully make new friends. This week helped me prepare a little for my experience abroad because I was able to travel across the country by myself, change flights, make new friends, go to new places. Now to tackle the whole speaking spanish!

2 weeks from today I will be with my host familia in Formosa! And in 9 days I leave to go to Miami to meet up with the other AFSers... FIESTA TODA LA NOCHE!!! hah This is finally about to become real. A year. Crazy as a year sounds, its almost no time I realize. I know it'll flash before my eyes. My next post will be from Formosa, Argentina or maybe Miami... We'll see if I have time! Besos! Real posts coming soon :)
Craziest thing of all... Leaving my small town in Ohio! I will miss you Bainbridge! I know it... Even though it seems hard to believe! Hard to believe that I already miss KHS!