Saturday, December 17, 2011

Instituto Santa Isabel

So yesterday AFS notified me that they had finally found me a school! I kind of already knew that I would probably go to my host sister's school.

Angeles, my host sister, goes to Instituto Santa Isabel. Its an all girls Roman Catholic School. The nuns and plaid skirts. All nine yards. I'm actually somewhat relieved that I will go to my host sister's school. I think it'll help that she's there and she'll be able to help me make friends a little easier... Well I hope :)

The school is about 3 or 4 block from my host family's house! I'm pretty excited because currently I go to a public school. I've always gone to public school. I think a private religious all girls school will a very interesting experience. I also think my spanish learning will progress better in that environment. I feel that it'll be easier to make closer friends quicker. From what I've heard, all girls schools are just all around nice because for some reason... When you take males out of the equation, all the drama disappears, and you become closer with people because you don't have to worry about all the petty little high school things that are... Well definitely at my current school.

66 days till I leave Cleveland to fly to Miami. Then on to Argentina! Yo estoy muy emocionada!