Monday, February 13, 2012

Washington DC... Then Buenos Aires!

So last night I got back from spending a week in Washington DC at the National Youth Leadership Forum on National Security. I met a lot of new people from around the country, saw some new things, and learned new things. Those 6 days were amazing. I made friends that I will definitely keep in touch with! You know who you are :) love you guys!

That little week, small experience was amazing. It makes me realize how amazing Formosa will be, and how soon I'm going to go to another place where I know no one and will hopefully make new friends. This week helped me prepare a little for my experience abroad because I was able to travel across the country by myself, change flights, make new friends, go to new places. Now to tackle the whole speaking spanish!

2 weeks from today I will be with my host familia in Formosa! And in 9 days I leave to go to Miami to meet up with the other AFSers... FIESTA TODA LA NOCHE!!! hah This is finally about to become real. A year. Crazy as a year sounds, its almost no time I realize. I know it'll flash before my eyes. My next post will be from Formosa, Argentina or maybe Miami... We'll see if I have time! Besos! Real posts coming soon :)
Craziest thing of all... Leaving my small town in Ohio! I will miss you Bainbridge! I know it... Even though it seems hard to believe! Hard to believe that I already miss KHS!

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