Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Semana Santa! Empanadas, Resistencia, Corrientes, Posadas, y Iguazu Falls

So the past week has been pretty amazing. I have been to quite a few places and done quite a few things! last wednesday Semana Santa started, it is 5 days of vacaciones in Argentina for Pascua (Easter). Last wednesday my host family and I packed up the car and started driving. First we stopped in Resistencia which is a city about 2 and a half hours away from Formosa. We stayed there the night with my host mother's sister. It was nice because this week I really am starting to feel like I can understand a lot thats going on, and what people are talking about. I don't feel so lost at dinner anymore when my family is talking. I can talk somewhat now too. I feel more included and less alone which is amazing. I never am alone here but I feel alone sometimes because I can't say what I want all the time and I really enjoy talking and explaining myself. Anyone that knows me in the USA will tell you... I talk nonstop. I really need to shut up sometimes but I can't, I enjoy conversation too much. The past month and a half I have had a lot of me, myself and I time. But thats okay, I needed to experience that, gave me time to think. Now I am starting to get frustrated with school though because I want to learn and understand. This week I am actually going to take my 501 Spanish verbs to school... And get cracking on the ol'books and just study! PORQUE YO QUIERO HABLAR MAS FLUIDA! jajajaj Okay so back to Semana Santa. The next day we stopped in Corrientes for a few hours because they have more family there, its another nice city, much bigger than Formosa. Many people from Formosa go to Corrientes for weekend shopping trips because they have many stores there. Everyone from Formosa is obsessed with the McDonalds in Corrientes. I haven't had fast food in almost two months... Which is interesting. Not all americans eat McDonalds all the time, I don't but I definitely eat it with my friends so its a little weird to think I haven't had peanut butter, panera bread or chipotle.
After Corrientes, we drove a few hours to Posadas which is the capitol of the province, Misiones. Misiones is where Iguazu Falls is!
(in red Misiones! Puerto Iguazu... Is Iguazu Falls :)

Posadas was a very nice city. We stayed there for a day and I quite enjoyed it!
Below are pictures from Posadas

(My host sister and I in front of our hotel)

(Fountain in the plaza)

every person is a world

I just really loved the quote

My host parents in front of this beautiful church that was in the plaza

Then Friday morning we woke up and started the drive to Puerto Iguazu! We stopped in this place... And I can say I honestly say that I don't remember the name at all which is really horrible and I would ask my host family but at the moment I am the only one at home so sorry guys you won't know the name of the place I'm about to show you! Okay so all la tierra (earth, ground) in Misiones is red. Red dirt. It is everywhere now... On all my shoes... They are all stained red from the earth. The water is red in the rivers! Look at these pictures its pretty weird! We stopped for lunch at this place. We had a picnic :) 
Told you the earth was red there!

My host sister, mom, and I

AHORA IGUAZU. This is seriously the most beautiful place I have ever seen.... There are no words to do this place justice. Just pictures. Go see it in person. You will fall in love with the beauty of it :) Promise. 

Beautiful... I know right?

Doesn't get much more magical then a rainbow haha


So that was my trip. It was 6 days (I got to miss school on monday). I enjoyed it and had a very good time and now I can say that I've seen a true natural beauty! Fue hermosa! If you ever get the chance to come to Argentina... Iguazu is a must! Its hard to understand its beauty until you see it for yourself. Its like Niagra Falls but 20 or 30 times bigger... SO GO. DALE. 

I haven't talked much about food. Food in Argentina. Its so delicious. I am in LOVE with the food. Its so good. Empanadas are a very traditional argentine food. What are empanadas? Definition- Latin-American turnover with a flaky crust and a spicy or sweet filling. 
They are so delicious. Here are some pictures of me making them with my host sister! MUY RICO

Carne y huevos... Meat and eggs

finished product!

This trip was wonderful but the crazy thing is I was happy when we were pulling into Formosa. I said to myself "I'm happy I'm going home." Formosa is finally a second home to me. Formosa mi hermosa. I love this little city and my life here! I will post in the next week or two about something... Unsure yet! But something :) Besos! 

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